Walking Tour Around Alfama

Alfama it’s one of the oldest quarter in Lisbon. It’s streets and narrow passages are reminiscent from the old moorish quarter. It’s famous for its fado houses, typical Portuguese food restaurants, many monuments and the oldest cathedral in Lisbon, Sé Catedral. The best way to visit it’s walking. We suggest the tour below.

  • Atelier +

    In front of Atelier take the tram 15E (Pç Figueira) to downtown and get out in Praça do Comércio.

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    Praça do Comércio +

    Better known as Terreiro do Paço, is one of the most beautiful squares in Europe, open southwards to the immense Tagus estuary. Here was the royal palace and for about two centuries the center of portuguese government. It was here the dock where the Kings and Heads of State were disembarking visiting our country.

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    Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Conceição Velha +

    This church from the XVI to XVIII centuries has a remarkable Manueline entrance and baroque decoration.
    It’s classified as a national monument.

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    Igreja da Madalena +

    The initial Church of Madalena was constructed in 1150, by order of D. Afonso Henriques, next to the Moorish fence. In 1363, a fire destroyed the church. In 1600, it was partially destroyed due to a cyclone. In 1755, it was again thrown down by the Earthquake. Queen Dona Maria I, in 1783, had the church rebuilt.
    It’s classified as a national monument.

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    Igreja de Santo António +

    The Church of Santo António is allegedly in the place where he was born. It is traditional that young people who intend to get married, on the day of their marriage, visit the church to pray and leave flowers for Saint Anthony, who is the intercessor of the newlyweds.

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    Sé Catedral +

    It’s worth seen the inside of this Cathedral. The Christian cathedral was built on top of the old Lisbon Mesquite (Arabic temple), in the XII century. In its basement was found remains of Visigoth temple and previous roman construction.
    It’s classified as a national monument.

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    Miradouro de Santa Luzia +

    Miradouro de Santa Luzia it's a sightseeing terrace next to a small church of the same name, offering a beautiful panoramic view over Alfama.

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    Miradouro das Portas do Sol +

    Miradouro das Portas do Sol is a sightseeing terrace with a wonderful view over the rooftops of old quarter Alfama. Named this way from the old gate that existed in the moorish stone wall, Porta do Sol (door of the sun). It was ruined in the earthquake of 1755.

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    Castelo de São Jorge +

    Castelo de São Jorge was built in the middle of the XI by the moorish. After the conquest of Lisbon by D. Afonso Henriques in 1147, the old buildings of the Islamic period were adapted and enlarged to lodge the royal house. It’s classified as a national monument.

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    Chapitô +

    Going back down to downtown, you’ll pass in front of the door of Chapitô It’s a circus school, bar/restaurant and an interesting place to visit.

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    Miradouro do Chão do Loureiro +

    After you can go to another sightseeing terrace bar/restaurant, with one of the best views over downtown rooftops.

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    Praça da Figueira +

    Praça da Figueira it’s one of the large squares in the center of Lisbon downtown (Baixa Pombalina), this area was rebuilt and renewed after 1755 earthquake.

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    Rossio +

    Rossio it’s the central square in Lisbon downtown (Baixa Pombalina). The official name is Dom Pedro IV Square, but everyone knows it as Rossio (means city center).

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    Teatro Nacional Dona Maria II +

    Teatro Nacional Dona Maria II was inaugurated in 1846, during the Queen Maria II anniversary and therefore kept her name has the official name.

  • 14
    Estação de comboios do Rossio +

    Estação do Rossio was inaugurated in 1886. With a monumental neo-Manueline façade its considered one of the world’s most beautiful train stations.

  • 15
    Praça dos Restauradores +

    Praça dos Restauradores was named this way to celebrate the restoration of Portugal independence in 1640, after 60 years under the rule of Spanish kings. It has a monumental obelisk on its center to commemorate the event.

  • Come Back to The Atelier +

    To return home, go back to Praça da Figueira and take tram 15E.

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